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Education For Adults (EFA)

For refugees, speaking English is the biggest barrier to self-advocacy - accessing services and integrating locally.

YARID began offering English classes in 2008, and now offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)

FAL began in 2011 to address the disparity in access to education for women in Uganda. Many women and girls were having problems learning to speak English because they lacked literacy skills in their local languages.

FAL teaches students to read and write in their local language before joining EFA. Each term, FAL registers 10-15 learners.

Bridge To Formal Schooling (BFS)

BFS is a pilot project intended to fill a gap in access to education for refugee children. BFS currently serves 30 children and their families by offering free tailored classes and ongoing parenting support for the families.

Parents learn how to support their kids' long term education through small business. Read more about the Prototyping and Piloting through AMPLIFY.

We also have seasonal educational activities and they include;

Special Workshops. Every year, YARID partners with other community-based organizations to host special topic workshops relevant to refugee issues. Past workshops included: Gender & Development Conflict Transformation, HIV/AIDS & Reproductive & Maternal Health, Human Rights & Refugee's Rights, Peace & Conflict Management

Respect University. Refugee Education Sponsorship, Enhancing Communities Together (RESPECT). RESPECT University was established to provide post-secondary instruction to refugee students under the guidance of tutors from around the world. Among YARID's EFA students there was a high demand for continued education as well as others who needed opportunitiesto pursue their careers. YARID partnered with RESPECT University to offer online distance learning courses. YARID students enrolled in Business Administration and Office Management courses.

Business Classes. Many Refugees struggle to find jobs in Uganda. Worker's rights common to Ugandan locals are not available to many foreign refugee groups. Yet many YARID members were business owners and professionals in their home countries. YARID assists refugee entrepreneurs seeking to create some income by offering business development workshops and special training in micro enterprise.